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When a part needs to be cleaned, it is important to look at the entire process of cleaning and develop and design equipment based on that process. The cleaning experts at Midbrook has been building, refurbishing and servicing process-specific, high-volume part-cleaning systems for more than 40 years.

We offer standard, in-stock parts washers, but our solid reputation has been built upon our ability to assess a client’s production methods and develop an integrated cleaning process designed to meet the specific cleanliness levels within the floor space available.

We don’t start with a specific washing system in mind and then try to manipulate it to fit your needs. Instead we start with your very specific parts and needs and let the process work naturally from there. You need your part clean and dry, the first time and every time - Midbrook can help you accomplish that.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies around the world solve their most difficult cleaning challenges.

Midbrook Washers Build


We work in tandem with your team to meet your exact specifications. Your space, time, and cleanliness requirements are our highest priority.

Midbrook Washers Build


Our washers can clean the most intricate parts and equipment so you that you have just what you need - clean, dry parts every time.

Midbrook Washers Maintain


We know that washers are an essential part of any operation. We help you keep your equipment running reliably with maximum efficiency.

Industrial Washer Systems

Solutions for every business

Midbrook Conveyor Washer


Our belt washers range from simple washers that carry parts on a mesh metal belt to complex indexing washers.

Midbrook Rotary Drum Washer


These washers clean small parts and are most often used in the cold heading and screw machine industries.

Midbrook OH Monorail Washer


These washers provide a no-touch wash and are most often used to clean a part prior to painting.

Cabinet Washer


This type of washer is perfect when space is at a premium and when washing is intermittent and not part of the production flow.


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Built to Last


Midbrook has installed more than 2,000 washers around the world to clean engine components, transmissions, gears, cases and assemblies.

Our parts-cleaning systems have also served various high-tech industries in the automotive, aviation, and military fields.

Washers are a key component in the decontamination process of every manufacturing process. We have even built machines to remove the bio-burden from medical devices to improve the results of sterilization.

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